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What is your exclusive multi-user Access?
The multi-level administration access lets you decide who can access a function in your website.
How do I transfer files to my hosting account?
The files that make up your website (HTML pages, graphics, etc.) are uploaded to your hosting account via FTP (File Transfer Protocol). Many modern website-building applications have FTP file transfer capability built in; Macromedia Dreamweaver and Adobe GoLive are two examples. If you don't have FTP capability included with your website-building software, you will need a third-party FTP application. The two we recommend are CuteFTP and WS_FTP. (Note: This does not apply to Microsoft FrontPage, which has its own proprietary method of uploading files to a Web server.)
What happens if I exceed my allotted disk space?
The server will not allow you to upload files beyond the space allotted for your account. If you need additional disk space, it can be added to your account at any time (see the hosting add-ons page for current pricing).
What happens if I exceed my allotted data transfer amount?
It is extremely rare for a website to exceed its allotted data transfer amount. The vast majority of the sites we host use only a fraction of the allotment; those that do we deal with on a case-by-case basis. We allow a reasonable amount of overage without any penalties or fees. Our staff monitors data transfer on a daily basis, and can tell far in advance if it appears you are going to exceed your allotment by a significant amount. If this is the case, we will contact you to discuss your options (which usually means simply upgrading to a higher-level hosting package), so you don't have to worry about any surprises on your bill. We realize that the topic of data transfer (sometimes incorrectly referred to as "bandwidth") might be confusing to some, and we invite you to contact us with any questions or concerns you might have.
What are the database options for my website?
The only database we offer is MySQL, and is included in our Advanced and Premium hosting packages. We chose MySQLwhich is the most widely-used database for small-to-medium-sized websitesbecause of its speed, reliability, and easy of use. MySQL was originally developed to handle large databases with greater speed than other SQL-based options, and has been successfully used in demanding production environments for many years. For more information on MySQL, visit MySQL.com.
What statistics features do you offer?
We offer a simple, easy-to-understand statistics package on all of our hosting packages. This feature shows a variety of data, including how many computers have accessed your website, which files were accessed most often, the amount of data transferred, and even what Web browsers your site's visitors are using. For those that require a more robust report, the raw server logs for your website can be downloaded through the control panel at any time.
Do you offer telnet (shell) access?
We do not offer shell access to our servers. If you need a specific command or action issued which would require shell access, contact us to see if we can accommodate you.

The most common reason for requesting shell access is database editing. Our control panel allows for easy creation of MySQL databases and database users, and also includes phpMyAdmin, a powerful tool for editing database information and issuing SQL commands directly. The powerful tools included in our control panel make shell access unnecessary for creating and manipulating databases.



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