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Reseller FAQ
How does your reseller program work?
We provide you with a set amount of disk space, data transfer allowance, and multiple accounts. You can provision these any way you wish. For example, if you had 1000 megabytes of disk space and 10 domains, you could give each domain 100 megabytes, or give one domain 900 megabytes and give the remaining domains 10 megabytes each, and so on. Also, you have a number of programming and other features such as PHP and Perl.  You can turn these on and off to create your system of hosting packages that you design yourself.
I don't want to resell, but I have several domains of my own I wish to host. Can I use your reseller program to host my personal domains?
Yes, our multiple-domain reseller accounts are a cost-effective way to host many personal or company websites, all for one set monthly fee.
Is there any way to get discounts or credits on your regular hosting packages without being a reseller?
Yes, we offer discounts on our regular hosting packages, contact-us for details. Also, we have a Referer program if you refer a client. 
Will you provide tech support for my resold customers?
As an Atek Canada reseller, you will be responsible for providing technical support to your customers. Atek Canada will provide technical support to you. We do not contact a reseller client.
Can I have my own name servers. How does that work?
Yes, every domain name must have name servers associated with it that point to the domain name at the Web server that the website files reside on. For example, two of our name servers are "nsXX.atekcanada.com". You can use our anonymous nameserver however having your own name servers will allow you to use your domain name (along with a prefix such as ns10 and ns20), thereby disguising the fact that you are a reseller.
Can I purchase additional disk space if I need it?
Yes, if you need additional disk space, you can add space or upgrade to the next level reseller package. If you are already at the highest level reseller package, you may purchase multiple packages or you may also wish to consider getting getting one of our dedicated servers, which will give you significantly more disk space than a regular reseller account.
Can I copy some of your website to use for my reselling business?
Yes, but you will need to get a written approoval. when you finish your website send us a request and we will verify and send you a legal right of use.
Can I pay for my reseller account by check or money order?
Yes, a reseller account can be paid by credit card check or money order, however if it is your first time, the activation may be delayed until we receive the payment.



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