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Voice over IP - VoIP

See also:Internet Phone
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What is Voice Over IP VoIP Atek Phone or Internet Phone ?Internet Phone Voice over IP - VoIP
The VoIP Atek Phone allows you to make telephone calls using the Internet. VoIP converts the voice signal from your telephone into digital signal that travels over the internet then converts it back at the other end so you can speak to anyone with a regular phone number. When placing a VoIP Atek Phone call using a phone with an adapter, you'll hear a dial tone and dial just as you always have. VoIP Atek Phone may also allow you to make a call directly from a computer using a conventional telephone or a microphone.

How Can I Place a VoIP Atek Phone Phone Call ?
Just pick up your phone and dial the number. The call goes through your local telephone company to a VoIP Atek Phone provider. The phone call goes over the Internet to the called party's local telephone company for the completion of the call. Another way is to utilize a microphone headset plugged into your computer. The number is placed using the keyboard and is routed through your cable modem.

What Kind of Equipment Do I Need ?
An Internet connection as high speed Internet. This can be through a cable modem, or high speed services such as ADSL or a local area network. You can hook up an inexpensive microphone to your computer and send your voice through a cable modem or connect a phone directly to a telephone adaptor.

Is there a difference between making a Local Call and a Long Distance Call ?
Some VoIP Atek Phone providers offer their services for free, normally only for calls to other subscribers to the service. Your VoIP Atek Phone provider may permit you to select an area code different from the area in which you live. This means you may not incur long distance charges if you call a number in your area code regardless of geography. It also means that people who call you may incur long distance charges depending on their area code and service.

Some VoIP Atek Phone providers charge for a long distance call to a number outside your calling area, similar to existing, traditional wireline telephone service. Other VoIP Atek Phone providers permit you to call anywhere at a flat rate for a fixed number of minutes.

If I have VoIP Atek Phone service, who can I call ?
Depending your service provider, you might be limited only to other subscribers to the service, or you may be able to call any phone number, anywhere in the world. The call can be made to a local number, a mobile phone, to a long distance number, or an international number. You may even utilize the service to speak with more than one person at a time. The person you are calling does not need any special equipment, just a phone.

What Are Some Advantages of Internet Voice ?
Because VoIP Atek Phone is digital, it may offer features and services that are not available with a traditional phone. If you have a broadband internet connection, you need not maintain and pay the additional cost for a line just to make telephone calls.

With many VoIP Atek Phone plans you can talk for as long as you want with any person in the world (the requirement is that the other person has an Internet connection). You can also talk with many people at the same time without any additional cost.

What Are Some disadvantages of Internet Voice ?
If you're considering replacing your traditional telephone service with VoIP, there are some possible differences:

  • Some VoIP Atek Phone services don't work during power outages and the service provider may not offer backup power.

  • Not all VoIP Atek Phone services connect directly to emergency services through 9-1-1.

  • VoIP Atek Phone providers may or may not offer 4-1-1 directory assistance/white page listings.

Can I use my Computer While I talk on the Phone ?

Can I Take My Phone Adapter with me When I Travel ?
You may be able to use your VoIP Atek Phone service wherever you travel as long as you have a high speed Internet connection available. In that case it would work the same as from your home or business.

Does my Computer Have to be Turned on ?
Not if you are making calls with a phone and adaptor or special VoIP Atek Phone phone, but your broadband Internet connection needs to be active. You can also use your computer while talking on the phone.

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